Investment Plan

With the start of 2018, Mno-Bmadsen has transitioned into its new five-year Long-Term Investment Plan (LTIP) where managers are focused on buying, holding, and growing well-run and profitable companies. The fund finds itself entering its investment phase to be completed in 2022.

Along this new investment path the consolidated assets and earnings for Mno-Bmadsen are expected to grow steadily as the strategy leverages the anticipated economic headwinds of strong earnings and synergies. A highlight of our new LTIP includes the reorganization of our management team to facilitate a more focused and fluid style of investment.

Now that the fund has a proven strategy and track record, this is the natural next step to encourage growth. We have split our investment model into three portfolios: Services, Manufacturing and Real Estate. Combined, our goal is to report $25 million in EBITDA by 2022. (“25 by 22.”) Each portfolio will have its own investment strategy to acquire companies and to grow existing investments. To do that, every investment sector will have a group president to execute the day-to-day management of his or her portfolio performance. This will be accomplished through a highly disciplined oversight system of financial management, information analytics and talent development to support portfolio value.

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