The Pathways Program

Mno-Bmadsen means “Walking the Good Path”, and we believe the good path is laid when we all come together to provide opportunities for our families, our clans, and our nation. Our Pokagon culture centers on our love for Mother Earth, our Seven Grandfather Teachings, and our consideration for the next seven generations. That’s why economic development isn’t just about starting or acquiring great companies. It’s also about walking the good path for the next seven generations.

As our Band’s economy grows, so do opportunities for our citizens. We want each citizen to have the opportunity of exploring a vocation that provides satisfaction and fulfillment. Fulfillment that comes from using our gifts to provide for ourselves, our families, and our future.

That’s why we created the Pathways Program.

Our Pathways Program provides various steps a citizen can take to find a fulfilling career. In coordination with our tribal government’s education and human resources departments and Mno-Bmadsen’s human resources department, we encourage each of our citizens to explore the opportunities available to them through these simple steps:

  1. Fill out a Pathways Program application.
  2. Undergo an assessment of current skills and aptitudes.
  3. Develop the next step based on this assessment.
  4. Begin walking your path. This might begin with on-the job training, education, training classes, apprenticeship, internship, or direct job placement.

Careers can be anything and anywhere. Whether you desire to be a nurse, teacher, craftsman, accountant, or pursue any other career within or outside of the tribe’s economy, Pathways is the best place to start.

As we grow, the Mno-Bmadsen Family of Companies will have career opportunities within our own network. Apprenticeships for plumbers, pipefitters and mold-making, computer-aided design internships, designers, engineers, carpenters, painters and more will be needed over the next several years.



We believe that the good path is available to all, and that the pathway to career success starts with the first step.