Request for Proposals
Comprehensive Procurement Assessment

Project Manager
D.A. Dodd
February 8, 2019
Accounting Clerk
Seven Generations A+E
October 22, 2020

Request for Proposals
Comprehensive Procurement Assessment

BACKGROUND Mno-Bmadsen is the non-gaming investment arm of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians. We intend to conduct a comprehensive procurement assessment across the Mno-Bmadsen Family of Companies this year. This assessment will be used by management to increase efficiency and value of the procurement of products and services and purchasing methods across the Mno-Bmadsen family of companies. To conduct the study, we seek a qualified person who can provide this professional service (henceforth referred to as an Independent Contractor or “IC”).

SCOPE & DELIVERABLES The comprehensive procurement assessment scope of work is comprised of four key segments to be completed that will result in two deliverables. The work will be conducted for Mno-Bmadsen and its wholly owned companies (Seven Generations A+E; WBK Engineering; DA Dodd; and Bent Tree Market) as follows:
Segment 1 – Create a searchable MS Excel database and enter compiled information.
Segment 2 – Compile an inventory of products and services procured, including purchasing methods.
Segment 3 – Categorize all expenditures by amount, type, and specialty.
Segment 4 – Write a Procurement Assessment Report with the assistance of Mno-Bmadsen.

Procurement Assessment Report The Procurement Assessment Report will be drafted by the IC with review, edits and finalization by Mno-Bmadsen. This report will include, but is not limited to, an explanation of the compiled information, illustration of actionable trends of procurement information including with graphs, and recommendations to increase efficiency or value in the procurement system across the Mno-Bmadsen family of companies. The report and recommendations will be finalized by Mno-Bmadsen.

Deliverables The IC will provide the following deliverable to Mno-Bmadsen: 1) database of compiled and categorized information; and 2) a draft procurement assessment report (to be finalized by Mno-Bmadsen).

PROPOSAL CONTENT To be eligible for consideration, a proposal submitted in response to this RFP must include the following minimum information:
• IC’s qualifications as they related to the segments of work identified above in “Scope and Deliverables”. Include a resume of work experience including references.
• IC’s availability to work on this proposal full-time through to completion.
• A timeline by which to complete the scope of work overall and broken down by the four segments listed in the Scope section above.
• A price proposal by segment to complete the scope of work.
• Any additional information the IC feels would be relevant to the success of this project.

TERMS The following terms will apply to the selected professional vendor, to be included in same form and content, or as modified or added to, in the professional agreement signed by the selected IC and Mno-Bmadsen:

Independent Contractor – The selected professional will work as an independent contractor. The IC is expected to work at Mno-Bmadsen and its companies as needed to effectively compile, understand and draft a report on the information as outlined in the scope of work. Therefore, the IC must have the following: a laptop including a recent version of MS Excel; reliable transportation to travel within the Michigan, Illinois and Indiana region; ability to use and access email (a confidential, secure and temporary email will be provided by Mno-Bmadsen to the IC while completing the scope of work); and any other tools that would normally be used in performing the scope of work. The IC must have a working cellular telephone and be accessible during normal working hours.
• Timing – Time is of the essence on this project. The project is targeted for a mid-August start date and mid-October completion (60 days). The selected IC must work consistently and diligently to perform the scope of work as soon as practicable. The IC is expected to facilitate and lead the scope, taking initiative to complete it within the desired timeframe and price proposal.
Work for Hire – The deliverables under the scope of work are considered work for hire. Therefore, Mno-Bmadsen will retain all rights to the deliverables, whether finished or unfinished by the selected IC, and to all information compiled under the scope of work.
Confidentiality – All information obtained, compiled, and otherwise encountered by the IC in performing the scope of work is confidential. Therefore, the selected IC will be required to retain confidentiality of the scope of work and any related content, conversations, and communications in perpetuity.
Trusted Advisor – The selected IC will be hired as a trusted advisor. This means that the IC will use all of his or her effort in completing the scope of work to fulfill the best interests of Mno-Bmadsen. The IC will not utilize his or her work for Mno-Bmadsen for any purpose contrary to Mno-Bmadsen’s best interests, such as to enter into a conflict of interest situation or to endeavor to diminish the good name, reputation and success of Mno-Bmadsen.

SUBMISSION METHOD & DEADLINE Please submit your proposals by email only to the attention of Abbie Kusch, Administrative Assistant at [email protected] Proposals are due no later than 11:59pm on August 31, 2020. Mno-Bmadsen reserves the right to accept any or none of the proposals submitted in the company’s best interests. Mno-Bmadsen practices Native American preference of the most qualified proposals.

QUESTIONS Please submit your questions and inquiries regarding this proposal to [email protected]