Mno-DREK Launched as Manufacturing Holding Company

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July 19, 2018

Mno-DREK Launched as Manufacturing Holding Company

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 – 9:25am

Mno-Bmadsen and DREK Holdings announce the formation of Mno-DREK, LLC, a holding company of manufacturing businesses. Its mission is to provide the highest quality manufactured products and value add services to its customers through a portfolio of high-performing manufacturing companies.

“Our vision and criteria for acquiring manufacturing companies fell in line with Mno-Bmadsen’s. We are pleased to partner with Mno-Bmadsen and look forward to growing long-term value for our stake holders,” said Dave Razzano, Mno-DREK’s CEO. Eric Karaman, Mno-DREK’s Chief Operating Officer, is focused on the customer-centric mission of Mno-DREK. “Our customer servicing will take on a heightened performance as we acquire companies that can serve our clients individually or in combination to provide excellent and efficient turn-key services.”

“Mno-DREK establishes the manufacturing portfolio that’s reflected in our investment plan,” said Troy Clay, President & CEO of Mno-Bmadsen and Chairman of Mno-DREK. “Razzano and Karaman provide the talent, commitment and personal integrity we seek in our partners and managers to lead portfolio performance and acquire companies in the manufacturing sector.”

Mno-DREK’s initial holdings are Accu-Mold LLC of Portage, MI which was initially owned by Mno-Bmadsen; and Michiana Global Mold of Mishawaka, IN which was initially owned by Razzano and Karaman. Razzano will lead acquisitions strategy and synergies across holdings while Karaman will lead operations and business development. Mno-DREK’s acquisition criteria includes small to mid-sized owner-operated companies with strong corporate cultures that are well established in their markets.